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Coding Challenge #4: Purple Rain in Processing

Hello and welcome to today’s coding challenge Today I’m going to make a purple rain in Processing in honour of Prince So the only thing I’ve done to prepare so far is pick 2 colours which were suggested by the Internet; Thank you very much A purple colour for the …

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How does an engine work

– Hear that, boys? – What is it? Just another narrow body aircraft. Hey! My atoms are shaking… Strange… It sounds far, but I bet my last proton that beast is much closer than you think! Hold on, people, it’s a LEAP powered aircraft! A leap into the unknown! What …

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How Close Are We to Resurrecting Extinct Species?

The passenger pigeon, the gastric brooding frog, the wooly mammoth, they all have one thing in common, they’re extinct…. dead as a dodo, if you will. In fact, scientists estimate that 5 billion species have come and gone off this planet. But what if we could bring them back? What …

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A day in the life of an animal technologist

One of those pink gowns very fetching just through here through there before we have a look around, what do you do in a normal day? The staff have got different rotas to do. So, some will go and do the rats, some will go and do the monkeys and …

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Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow

Northern Olive (Chionansis ramifolia) Cutting wood with stone hatchet from an earlier video Splitting log with a stone chisel Notice that the wood twists Splitting off wood from one side of one end Turn bow around and remove wood from the opposite side at the other end Now the wood …

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