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EVERYTHING WANTS TO EAT ME!! | Rain World – Part 1

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to Rain World. Now Rain World is a game made by Adult Swim Games. And if you know about Adult Swim and the games that they make, the last game that I remember was Rainbow Unicorn Attack. But I know they’ve made a ton of other games since then, and I’m willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt. And not even that- -oh hey Oh that’s so pretty! Oh, this is so pretty, A- And not that there’s doubt to be given. Because of course, they’re gonna make fun games no matter what. but this one, in particular, is very different because it looks so pretty. And the main character that you play as is one of these Snake-like, rabbit, cat creatures that are just Absolutely adorable. and apparently this world- -AWWW! That’s a baby! Oh, that’s a baby on your arm! Oh, it’s so cute! It’s a little family! AWW! And the reason -uh- like. Oh, they’re hunting. Oh, are those bats or moths? I can’t tell. Oh-ho! he’s biting the head off of that one, oh my god! Oh that’s so- I guess they got to eat somehow.

But I want to play this one because it’s so… like artistically driven. And in my mind, and this is because my own bi- -OH, no. This is because of my own bia- -OH GOD, NO-OH-OH! NOO! OH God! I was just watching! I’m emotionally compromised already. Oh, that poor wholesome family! Oh, the wholesome meme that was that family! Oh no. OH! That’s who we play. Oh, I thought that this was going to be like a tragic story Of this family that loses every member of their family, But maybe that’s just because I’ve been playing too many dark games and I just need to have a little bit more optimism about this. But this game is supposedly, very, very, challenging because, number 1, Ohh… OH Hi! I’m a snake cat! Ohh…

Oh, I got a map. I got a map! Pick up, eat, throw, jump. Not a lot to do here. But this-this is supposedly very ch- OH look at my dinky dankey twinkle toes! Oh God, I don’t even walk on all fours. Ohh I use it for… whoa… what the hell… Oh okay I’m very slanky. Your’e hungry, find food. IS BLUE FOOD??? CAN I EAT BLUE????? God I don’t know how to find food. Oh hello Are you food? Can I eat you? Eugh…. what are you? OHH..Ok. Ahh I’m so slanky! OHHH What are you doing? What are you doing?! OHH.. You’re giving me advice! Well, I was going to try and eat you. Oh ok, I can climb up the ropes and what not.

‘s very quiet… (Turkey sounds) Oh! Can I eat you?! I remember my parents eatin’ you! (Markiplier noises) (The unique sounds a Markiplier produces.) Let me bite your head off here I could have sworn this was- This was the eat button… :c Im pressin’ the eat but…. did I eat it ? I guess I ate it. Ahhh you’re trapped now! Got yah. *cute noms* Can I… can I.. nom you? Im mashin’ it. OH I got to hold it down and then I… bite it to pieces… Oh, that’s incredibly morbid. Well I’m going to do it anyway Okay *Marki-sound* hyergebershed *angry nom* .,.

Mark so vicious 😮 *Caution: Wild Markifart- may attack* o.0 God, I rip its wings off first! Oh that’s so horrifying! Hey buddy! Just one left… ok four is enough to hibernate with, apparently. It’s here? Wait they’re here?! I know they’re here! I’m going to get you..(Mark noise)… got ya! Too bad for you. (great noises Mark) Okay. Alright, additional food above four is kept for later in my belly in the form of fat. Alright, well thank you for all the information, yellow, weird, fungal creature that gives me advice and is also computerized. Thank you for that!… oh So supposedly, supposedly I say supposedly guaranteed, there are a lot of things that don’t want me to live In fact they may even want to eat me! …Where you gone, hey! Hey come back here! Where’re you running off to! Hey I ate your whole family! I lost my family therefore I have no problem with that idea! I’m coming for you I got you you’re shouldn’t have come up here to my feeding grounds I guess I could just catch it hold it I don’t know why I do that and let me go up here first I know you got some advice for me to do but I just want to…

Leap the gap? I’ll try.. what happened to my food did I eat it already I can’t even remember apparently I did,how do I leap with the gap? whoa get winded down… nope that’s not how you do it hey yeah thank you for teaching me how to be me!!! ohhhh that’s so cool! I’m a slanky cat! oh my god! I’m…. ohhh what is happening… okay…… hello….. why is it… like that why is it like that..why is it like that.. why is it…. ok I don’t know what’s happening I don’t know what happening what the hell is that! I don’t know what that is do I go down here? okay what is this what’s going on okay! alright! hoo boy! I don’t know what’s happening hello this place is safe stay here to hibernate.

Oh God! But what about my family! Oh… Ok…. yeah I feel real safe Yeah I feel real safe with all the machinery is locked up beside me! ok so the answer is I’m in upside down two day, I’m gonna move on to Japanese symbol that I don’t understand and then I need four food every time I want to hibernate and then it unlocks thankfully! thank you! good thing all this machinery is here for me so this speaks to another level in case you guys like don’t know like or maybe I’m crazy but this speaks to another level of what’s going on here. “There’s food and shelter to be found, but beware of predators, go explore.” Thank You guardian! I guess I’m gonna just do my thing, oh nice clue with light in the background I like that oh so pretty! Oh thats soo pretty! but we’re obviously in some sort of post-apocalyptic world this is the shell of a society that came before us.

Like that’s super weird! “Objects can be tossed” HUH! I tossed it real good. Hhhg. Ok why do I toss it? Ah Food. Come here food. Get you. Huh, yeah, see yeah you’re gone. Right. Nom nom. Nom. Nom nom nom. I saw you here . There was another one there you go. Oh. Oh, they burry under ground. Oh god. Stop being a goof. Got you both. Nom nom nom. Nom. It’s a feast Hyha. Alright hmm so if I get down, or if I jump up. Oh, hello where am I going? where am I slanking off too? Hello. Woh. I got a spear. Nobody mess with me apparently I got a spear. So what’s lurking around in the darkness? Hello? Hi? What are you try to tell me here? Oh! There’s some sort of generator down there.

Ah! But I’m not hundred percen- Ooh… not hundred percent sure how to do that- OH! Here we go. Where- Aah! I’m just in a hole in the ground I’m just gonna stay here for a while alrighty then (Random Mark Sound) all right down no goddamn it come-on you slanky cat stop being so- WHOA!!! What the fuck is that?! Whoa boy! Well that’s terrifying where do they come from? Habooski! I made it can I go up here I don’t know where this is gonna know that’s not gonna work fricka dig stop sliding off everything got other things to worry about apparently I’m gonna hold on to this rock see I know what I gotta do I know I’m a well aware of it blended nope man let me really think about this but nope let me throw this ah got you good scared you didn’t I yeah I could we’re not jumping know why am I not leaping? leap elegantly leap like a gazelle leap that- god damn it you lept then but not close enough ya son of a badger come on we gotta get over there got it leap nope okay I gotta really wait.

Leap! deep bleep hot damn it LEAP fricking LEAP goddamn it why the different done is not doing it what I wantit to key okay let’s not be an idiot about this right now do I need to get back to the shelter but I just okay I’m gonna get back to the shelter I suppose oh oh get down oh boy okay all right then I’ll get back to the shelter Oh God okies I was following me huh it’s not the right way to go is it I don’t know you following me huh alrighty then I think I’m okay maybe not that I don’t think it’s still up there I am pretty sure it is okay all right then everything seems fine so I gotta leap across the chasm again but hopefully not into the maws of death that’d be nice ye all right yes starting to get the hang of this it is a bit it is a bit hard to control sometimes like I’m not gonna deny it is ooh I can pick up another stickier and then not throw it that’d be that’d be a good idea they’re not throw when I don’t need to throw it ah a means of escape oh yeah yeah yeah you don’t know I’m here do you God maybe he does oh he’s slankey to no no no no no no no no no no okay or you don’t know I’m here I like that ah you don’t even try it oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god okay okay all right all right going this way going this way they both went that way which means it this way is probably okay right that’s how this works oh please don’t screw up my jumps please don’t screw up my jumps Oh on ye okay where am I why is it all shaky are the rains coming back here what’s happening not that one you douche ah wait using where’s it going Oh God okay where did he go is he popping out aaah I don’t trust it hey is that the rains do I need to get back don’t know where I’m going it’s over it’s the rains it’s the rains oh god I’m an idiot what have I done get out of here get out get out get out I don’t know where these are taking each that’s not where I want to go I’ll frick a dick come on it’s raining oh I guess it’s not hey I guess is everything okay oh that’s out now oh god damn oh god ow what kind of heavy rain shit is that fuck wow and just like that you’re gone jeezums was that my corpse okay where else doing that over alright let’s try to do this a little less like a baby and let’s try to survive like an adult whatever the hell species I am yeah alright so I got to get food again cuz I died again but at the same time now I know where to go maybe and then I’ll be able to do what I gots to do OT all right there we go got that point I got that barely by the hair on my chinny chin chin you sleep you better be asleep over there huh with your twitchy head you doing over there ah oh god oh god oh god I didn’t get in the hole ah ok come on I guess uh why are you following me Rick a dick ok I think we’re fine they were fine because if I can just I don’t fall like an idiot I should be ok uh that doesn’t look good oh well yeah yeah yeah yeah you can’t get me yeah here we go perfect up right on the first try Oh what an idiot you god damn it’s god god damn it god damn it god damn it don’t even try it don’t even try it boy oh boy oh this is a dead end isn’t it ah ok all right then let’s try this what is that dongen god there’s so much food here but I don’t need you uh I’m I’m a nervous wreck right now I mean number one I don’t have my family with me how did I do that sweet backflip cuz that was pretty awesome if I could remember how to do that I might be able to capitalize on it mmm barn key ok let’s try this again ye boi ski ok I don’t know how you got over the not that one god damn it god get out no this doesn’t look good hey buddy how about you uh oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy no no no no oh no no oh god oh god ah hey iiiii oh god oh god oh god oh god oh you’re so scary why are you so Carrie cheese on what are you gonna do huh you gonna do buddy you gonna do huh nothing you gotta do nothing to me yeah that’s right back off back off I got a rock you want a rock a rock in the face buddy oh you want a rockin who you want a rug in the face oh fuck fuck you up aah oh God all right Danny let’s let’s uh let’s let’s agree to disagree on that one because I think I won that fight I’m pretty sure I won that encounter yeah I don’t think anybody’s gonna be mad at me for letting him live and it’s the moral choice I’m stuck my head got caught up my own ass are you doing in that corner over there doesn’t that doesn’t look appropriate ache the back take the back oh ok here we go about a bigot decide wait so you can just go up there wait so you can just wait I tried to do that well I tried to do that oh god oh god oh god what I tried look I tried to do that it didn’t let me well is that about I tried it you know where I am you do it oh boy oh boy go go go frick I’m dead but I tried to do that so I’ve been doing it the hard way that no one’s supposed to go that way oh man it’s just gonna show him eating me oh it’s just gonna show I’m dragging my corpse error where 00 where are you taking me where’s it taking me I know I can restart at any time I’m just like I just want to find out where it’s taking me you know in a weird cosmic sense you know this isn’t any different than what i’m doing to those bats there cuz I kill and eat those bats so what does it really matter well I like how this little yellow guy is still following me around oh don’t fight over my corpse oh whoa what the Frick was there oh ok they’re just gonna fight over me oh boy oh they’re literally fighting to the death over my corpse oh what the hell okay I’m it’s good to know that I’m worth this even in death ok so I’m going to take this very intelligent path right here not that one that would be that’s not the intelligent path ok and then well I don’t know what I found really cycle one outskirt I god damnit freaky guy ok all right then oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy back flip back flip the fuck out of here backflip into the next year oh fuck wrong hole again goddammit I keep going in the wrong goddamn hole right but anyway I’m where I died to the reins at least sweet backflips oh you want some of this huh you want some of this bro you want you want some of this you can handle no no thats I got a rock goddamn spear you want a piece on me right yeah you can handle this you could never handle this you don’t even know what handling this looks like so why don’t you just lay down let me be my life okay anyway got you I don’t even know want you but okay I got you I guess all right so where to go here I guess the only way to go would be up whoa oh so good such an acrobat I guess I’ll you I don’t really want to be God not bad why would you throw that not the bat all right fine I gotta stick done Matt it’s all good down here maybe oh and then maybe by climb out on this thing Oh ah ok I got you okay I got it I don’t understand I don’t understand but I I’m gonna act like I understand and if I go down this way sneaky vici like this and then I go down this way I’ve made my way farther I don’t know father’s good zoo hey buddy hey buddy hey buddy hey buddy hey buddy hey buddy holy whoa whoa whoa whoa hey whoa whoa whoa whoa ah that’s equally as bad oh my god walk it’s so scary man all right I’m starting at the hang of this game everyone ignore the fact that I’ve band a bunch and let’s get to the heart of the matter which is going wherever the hell I need to go I just saw the green one Oh green ones to you oh how can you do that to me how could you do that to me go go go go go go go Jesus go go um fucking go Hey Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya fucking go it’s scary this is scary I scared okay all right then Danger Danger Danger I know I know I know not that why not pop brung fucking hole yeah goddamn goober no don’t do that no don’t no don’t do that either do the opposite of all those things okay doesn’t know I’m here okay all right you gonna move okay no you didn’t see any what are you doing oh they’re all coming after me okay all right just got flip-flops my way through here this tube is good you’re not supposed to be here alrighty then but do you know I’m here I hope not how could you how would you all right it’s gonna do some sweet backflips shred out to die horribly no don’t just jump okay yeah yeah you thought you were gonna thought you’re gonna chase after be the answer was you not and then you got screwed out of a meal aren’t you stupid feel hey there’s a lot of Pat’s on that one I said that’s where they hide oh why did you do backflips off of that what did you suddenly backflip what did you do 10 million backwards why would you do that now he’s just gonna stand there ah so mad how Danny he’s in the one place I need to pray okay were you I god damn it I don’t know what’s happening he’s got me okay well walk why would he back flap wedge gonna nanana nanana slinky Dan nnnnnn Annette vegan then nnnn Anna don’t eat me oh fuck dude it’s you I like green skin it’s really cool now don’t eat me look at me balancing like bad aster dared enter dude do don’t me you son of a bitch ass earth to turn to dirt dirt dirt dirt or 32 oh god oh god oh god miss me miss me a big fat douche mid to do booboo milk and a crime this goddamn poll now 50 big o fuck me yeah oh god oh god oh god yeah you missed me you stupid bitch I got nothing against you please don’t kill me I don’t want to die oh god please don’t kill me oh fuck all right haha hi you dummy hi you Donnie ok let me know it’s just not backflip not that clip would be good do oh my god you almost did it ok so for some reason when you like land on the ground sometimes you do a sweet flip and that fuck i wanted that damn it i don’t want rocks i wanted to throw the rock so i could have this stick but you know what sometimes you just don’t get sick you just don’t get sick like that’s that’s life that’s all they’re fighting are you fighting over something or are you just fighting in general I’m gonna sneak gone by you now they’d better do booboo fail hey look at me I’m dancing on a pole now passed after Oh pal but not like that it’s kind of cool I guess what video ok miss me fuck you fuck you buddy I’m going up here now boo doo de doo pitcher Tudor look at all these fucking poles babe Stern electors dr.

Acrobat is my profession doo doo boo boo boo not this whole you stupid bitch all right here we go boink boink yeah to the bank oh that is it okay I don’t know where we’re going but we’re making a lot of profit I made it to another son no oh god oh god oh god get up there uh oh yeah okay maybe it was all a lie what the Frick is that what was he saying about this area but there was another safe house over there who stick I like a stick or a really well one of those guys with this stick here okay I don’t know what those sounds are that I’m hearing but I see you well I’m not going in there when you’re in there oh you think I’m a dumb dumb and I’m just gonna waltz into your mouth oh not today not d not today baby not today oh boy he’s coming after me how about a big ol stick to the face oh god he liked it he liked it he liked it I didn’t know he’d like it I was under the impression that he would not love god did I just robbed or knocked myself Oh goddamn it you’re fucking wall jump I was never good at this good okay alright so we’re in a conundrum right now little boy don’t know how to get away from it ooh boy oh boy all right you wanna you want to go with me you bastard i’m going to go no no no no no okay so we got a bit of an issue here seem to be a little off haha he did not know too stupid I see ah you went the wrong way I have the high ground you can’t possibly win okay okay we got to get up there because apparently the guy is telling us that something’s up there and and you know i do i always do what I’m told so here we go slank in our way Oh does that mean halfway done we got to get back soon I got time AWS i’m on my way to us i’m following the yellow brick road oh hello I hope I’m going the right way how am I uh I will be able to get up here ok this was a long convoluted path to get up here ah alright go and go and go and go and go and go and I feel like I’ve made a lot of stress right now I don’t like it too much but here we go boink what’s up here whoa what’s up there what is that what’s this hologram well just show it to me I don’t know what that means but I’m gonna go for it I trusted you thus far from where am I OOP do climbing up ol do-do-do-do-do-do-do the Frick is all this it’s not comforting that there’s just an alarm going off the flawed as bad what is that Oh God oh that’s what the alarm was oh I think those are the day symbols so I can’t come back here until those days which is just about to happen now oh but I’m far away oh god it really screwed me over on this one I’ve got it how do I get up there oh I can’t get up there again ha-ah no I can’t I can’t do it I got to go this way oh man but am I safe from the reins in here no probably not where am I I don’t know where I am not that one maybe it was that one it was that one God god damn it I’m sorry I’m such a panic right now I got to get back because otherwise all this progress is gonna mean nothing I’m gonna die where am I now gee what is G mean I don’t know what genes you come away from all the Predators Jesus okay I’ll go up here I guess I don’t know where am I now oh you wanna you wanna you want to freaking stick to the face I will stick you so good hmm you ain’t gonna know what don’t stick you yeah that’s right you better run alright so if I get up here and then freakin yeah no that didn’t work oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy you want to get sick probably dad get up off rock this is hard it’s like really really really hard he’s taking me to his g cave goddamn it not the g-spot fuck alright so this is really hard there’s like ridiculously hard because one I don’t know the levels and I don’t know the lamp but it’s so it’s so intriguing like it’s just really intriguing what and what is wrong with you purple freaks what is wrong with you what do you twitch what he whose radiation and what are the symbols mean I’m just a weird slinky cat I’m a snake bunny been anyway that’s all the time I got for this episode but this is really really interesting I want to play more this I want to play so much more this is so cool I don’t even know what it is about it because I don’t know the universe but that’s what makes it cool why am I here where did all this machinery come from one of those creatures where’s my family would my dad be able to kick their ass my bet is yes huh what is cool want to play more so I’m going to play more so thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you think down the comments below and as always that will see you in the next video BUH BYE 😀 Have a nice day everyone!

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