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What’s inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

Just cruising calling it Judgment Day these things can withstand a 2,000 mile an hour wind Judgment Day what’s inside today we are seeing what’s inside a real doomsday bunker an undisclosed location in Kansas in the middle of America this is an old missile silo that was built in …

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Inside a Google data center

MALE SPEAKER 1: A data centre’s the brains of the Internet. MALE SPEAKER 2: The engine of the Internet. FEMALE SPEAKER 1: It is a giant building with a lot of power, a lot of cooling and a lot of computers. MALE SPEAKER 3: It’s row, upon row, upon row …

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We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

(upbeat music) – The home of the future. It’s been a dream for decades but can we build one right here in Austin, Texas. The Verge and Curbed have partnered to bring this dream of the home of the future to life. I’m Grant Imahara and our goal is to …

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