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Rain Bird XFS Subsurface Dripline

For over 75 years, Rain Bird has been committed to The Intelligent Use of Water. Rain Bird’s XFS subsurface dripline is the latest innovation in water conservation, reaching ninety percent water efficiency and reducing water usage by up to seventy percent versus traditional overhead spray irrigation. The chemical resistant silicone diaphragm is designed to help pressure compensate, ensuring a consistent flow. The emitter’s larger inlet holes and wider flow channel let debris pass instead of plugging the emitter. If debris does get caught, the self-flushing emitter quickly clears grit and debris, ensuring a reliable supply of water.

Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield is the environmentally responsible solution to root intrusion without the use of harsh chemicals. As the root approaches the copper, ions are released which bond to the root causing the tip of the root to become blunt, thus preventing further growth and keeping the metering outlet hole free from roots. As water exits the dripline, capillary action carries the water through the soil in all directions. By installing the correct emitter flow rate, emitter spacing and lateral dripline spacing, Rain Bird XFS subsurface dripline delivers an even wetting pattern providing the right amount of water to the entire landscape, keeping your plants lush and healthy. XFS subsurface dripline with Copper Shield Technology. Another example of The Intelligent Use of Water. .

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