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What’s in your Smartphone?

The lines are probably already forming for the new iphone six. After months and months of rumors, we finally know what it will look like, and what kind of horsepower it’s packing. But how much do you really know about that piece of technology in your pocket? For instance, a …

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The Problem With Our Phones

The dark truth is that it’s become very hard to find anyone and certainly anything more interesting than a smartphone we love our phones and would never want to give them up but we’re all probably also gently aware that these delightful gadgets bear hidden cost to say that we …

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Meet The Inventor of the First Cell Phone

I’m Martin Cooper, call me Marty. I’m known as the father of the cellphone. My colleagues and I introduced the very first cellphone to the world. From my earliest memories, even when I was a little boy, I was taking things apart. I saw some kids on the street burning …

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