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Modern Technology Health- Computer Keyboards

Hi, Doctor Kent Ferguson here from Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. The use of desktop computers isn’t exactly modern We’ve using desktop computers since the 1980s. However there are modern health problems developing due to too much time at our desktop computers. In this video I’m going to focus on the …

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Learn to talk about artificial intelligence in 6 minutes

Dan: Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Dan and joining me today is Neil. Hi Neil. Neil: Hi Dan. What’s with the protective gear and helmet? Dan: I’m just getting ready for the inevitable rise of the machines. That’s the takeover of the world by artificial intelligence, or …

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AI Explained in 101 Seconds

Artificial intelligence is, really, techniques that help machines and computers mimic human behavior. It’s like a Russian nesting doll… Artificial intelligence, at the highest level, is the device being smart. How it becomes smart under the hood then is the next layer of machine learning, which are the general techniques …

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Why our screens make us less happy | Adam Alter

So, a few years ago I heard an interesting rumor. Apparently, the head of a large pet food company would go into the annual shareholder’s meeting with can of dog food. And he would eat the can of dog food. And this was his way of convincing them that if …

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A Day in the Internet

Hi have you ever thought about what happens in a day on the internet let’s have a look in a day exabytes of data are sent over the Internet is that a little or a lot well that’s enough to fill 168 million DVDs / 294 billion emails are sending …

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