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Will Students Be Taught By Artificial Intelligence?

Pop quiz will the schools of the future have students do the teaching you know a few weeks ago we asked you guys what subjects you’d like us to tackle here on forward thinking and a lot of you said for education and since students are back in class I …

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Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast I want to talk to you today about something the open-source programming world can teach democracy, but before that, a little preamble. Let’s start here. This is Martha Payne. Martha’s a 9-year-old Scot who lives in the Council of Argyll and Bute. A couple …

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How the Internet of Things Will Change the World

What have you never waited at another red light ever again it’s the 100th episode of forward-thinking 99 shows ago I launched this series with a discussion about the Internet of Things in case you forgotten that’s a term that describes a world filled with sensors and actuators and robots …

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The future of renewable energy is making it look cool

(calm music) – Remember the Jetsons? They had gadgets galore from holograms to a robotic maid, but they also probably had an astronomical electric bill as well as a massive carbon footprint. That’s still an issue for our own home of the future, but unlike the Jetsons, we’re actually using …

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We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

(upbeat music) – The home of the future. It’s been a dream for decades but can we build one right here in Austin, Texas. The Verge and Curbed have partnered to bring this dream of the home of the future to life. I’m Grant Imahara and our goal is to …

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