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Introducing Google Translate for Animals

I’m going to show you a new Android application that’s been developed through our translation technology our new app Google Translate for animals translates animals speech into human vernacular the handset records so the animal sounds and then transmits them to our server where the speech recognition and translation engines …

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10 upcoming Google Projects !

I didn’t think we could fall in love broken from the start into our past we had closed hearts What’s up guys? Hope you’re all doing well today. We will be talking about 10 ambitious Google alphabet projects. You may not have heard about Google went through a massive Reorganization …

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Inside a Google data center

MALE SPEAKER 1: A data centre’s the brains of the Internet. MALE SPEAKER 2: The engine of the Internet. FEMALE SPEAKER 1: It is a giant building with a lot of power, a lot of cooling and a lot of computers. MALE SPEAKER 3: It’s row, upon row, upon row …

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