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Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast I want to talk to you today about something the open-source programming world can teach democracy, but before that, a little preamble. Let’s start here. This is Martha Payne. Martha’s a 9-year-old Scot who lives in the Council of Argyll and Bute. A couple …

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The Cable That United The World

– You know that frustrating feeling when a message takes more than a few seconds to send? Well, it’s hard to imagine today, but before the mid-19th century, sending news across the ocean could take weeks to arrive. Then, thanks to an incredible, yet mostly forgotten technological achievement, that gap …

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A Day in the Internet

Hi have you ever thought about what happens in a day on the internet let’s have a look in a day exabytes of data are sent over the Internet is that a little or a lot well that’s enough to fill 168 million DVDs / 294 billion emails are sending …

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How the Internet of Things Will Change the World

What have you never waited at another red light ever again it’s the 100th episode of forward-thinking 99 shows ago I launched this series with a discussion about the Internet of Things in case you forgotten that’s a term that describes a world filled with sensors and actuators and robots …

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