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Why Don’t Sheep Shrink In The Rain?

If you put a wool sweater through the laundry, it shrinks. So why don’t sheep, which are, you know, basically made of wool, why don’t they shrink in the rain? The answer comes down to friction. Like all mammal hair, wool fibers are covered in overlapping scales that run the …

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How Close Are We to Talking With Animals?

You may not want to admit it, but at one time in your life, you’ve talked to an animal. Maybe it was letting a dog know it was a good dog or asking a cat where it’s been. Maybe you gave words of encouragement to an elephant or scolded a …

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Scientists Grew A Lamb In a Bag… Wait What?

I know. This looks pretty freaky, but what you’re looking at is actually a monumental step forward for medicine. Researchers have now created an artificial womb that can successfully keep an extremely premature fetus alive and developing normally. A lamb fetus, that is. The latest development in artificial placenta-based life …

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How Close Are We to Resurrecting Extinct Species?

The passenger pigeon, the gastric brooding frog, the wooly mammoth, they all have one thing in common, they’re extinct…. dead as a dodo, if you will. In fact, scientists estimate that 5 billion species have come and gone off this planet. But what if we could bring them back? What …

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Amazing Technologies Inspired by Nature

– If you want to solve everyday problems, there’s a test lab that’s been running intensive research and development for billion years that you could turn to for ingenious solutions. That lab is nature. From spider’s webs that may help your bones heal faster. To geckos helping us to scale …

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Will Students Be Taught By Artificial Intelligence?

Pop quiz will the schools of the future have students do the teaching you know a few weeks ago we asked you guys what subjects you’d like us to tackle here on forward thinking and a lot of you said for education and since students are back in class I …

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