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The Internet Makes Life Worse (click here for more)

What are we giving up when we are using the Internet for fun it turns out that there is an economist by the name is Scott Wall Street up who is a senior researcher at the tech policy institute and you want to see exactly what we give up I’ll with our productivity with our education and everything else are social time when we are searching things for Google or wonder reading something online well but he has exact numbers for every 10 minutes you use the Internet let me give it to you arm about you lose about minutes %uh when it comes to other types of leisure so I don’t know play us when you’re idiot bastard and help people with their based I might be closer to larger although they can do that online sports like get sensor it’s a fair point but has since the Internet came into our daily lives but Brown power I were close election are ongoing elsewhere I’ll swing low of going anywhere yeah alright are you also have a fewer minutes working or others to a yeah this every nine minutes this for every 10 minutes we know that way more than 10 minutes online had a that still a I alright so yet so fewer time working and also fewer minutes on personal care including sleep wiping things like that %uh and then up for every 10 minutes people stay online they also spend one last minute traveling 42 fewer seconds on household activities and 36 beers seconds on educational activities yeah if people are spending time on educational activities but not much of it that’s kinda pathetic ratio so I think know how the I think that this is a direct attack on reddit I think specifically because you can’t waste time on the internet but they have got it to just %uh fine are on reddit like you can go on their own hours go by and you don’t know what happened during that time so maybe you’re missing out all these things but you don’t actually experience a sense of loss so there are a few issues with the way the study was done it doesn’t take into account on how much time you spend on line watching a movie on Netflix for instance right you spent a considerable amount of time doing that but he doesn’t take that into account and also he doesn’t take into account that sometimes you multitask when you’re online sometimes you’ll have a Twitter a tab open while you’re reading certain articles for work what about using the Internet for work does that count we do a lot of that here like office like educational activities in what if your reading enough that yeah and I’m ready your eats up and stole interest yep right and that’s news current events lot to do with it wanted to be clear he’s saying those 10 minutes are spent on online leisure time so I just starting out for stuff up for sale yet me to forgive him if people follow around online yes so he’s talking about social media and googling stuff like specifically what is our I okay I well church-state so he’s not counting the time after you’ve already found the poor right you I possessors more you’re gonna work writing so do you think that is the health care whatever what was it personal cleaning the right here is my considered personal care I testing I was raising both hands I suppose I you know my a might michael Flynn said to me we got to think about I’m at some point about how she’s a good multi-tasker she said very matter-of-fact years ago we all know studies that no one can multitask that’s not true that I’m that and I thank you a few right I just mention my girlfriend that like-for-like settled some argument for good um forget criticized for being unable to multitask right like you have a screen from me I just kinda tune everything else out yeah but that’s normal I’m normal no what they mean by that partially is a like banged your girl when you’re driving like if you’re driving you pull out your phone anything okay yeah I’m Texas A&M also pay attention to road you’re not you might think like your brain can fool yourself into thinking you’re thinking about most things but you’re not actual now there’s no brain can’t tell you that obvious I get so but I mean what about that fact that like if you’re you know can you feed your baby and really occurs at the thing that mostly you hear the phrase multitasking a title it like working mothers like can you feed the baby set up the doctors appointment prepare the closed and do your job like community I’d like you to respond to an email work can you do all those things I have a definitive answer on that UK number one a you can t like no what you doing use you’re splitting up your million to fifteen seconds right who worked for 15 seconds your group putting the folding clothes for being as I the flip side to that is the one you can use it noon PT baby and do something else right because it’s just like a nerd rats ahh hey let’s do you really can’t read what day okay accords tell you something else I

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